Give Peace a Chance

I have been watching the theater play out, as it does during these election cycles. I have been silent as I usually am until around this time. Waiting. Watching.

Waiting to see if you or your neighbor is going to pause and see what is afoot, so to speak. If you haven’t noticed, we are being ever so slightly pitted against one another. Stories on the news, written and portrayed in such way that if you believe them at face value, you will undoubtedly be forced to take a side.

That is the game we are being asked to play. The game of judgement. The game of condemnation. If you pick a side, you are essentially galvanizing an outcome. You are ensuring conflict by choosing. Mask, no mask; black lives matter, all lives matter; republican, democrat just to name a few. This is the setting of the stage; the moving of the chess pieces before pieces start being removed.

If you have ever been in a fight, particularly when at school, no matter how it started, it is fueled by on-lookers. The people fighting caught in a tsunami of energy surrounded by friends and enemies of both participants. This is what is about to ensue. Don’t be the on-looker, and certainly don’t be a fighter.

There is another choice. You can choose to see this as it is: theater. People watching an exciting movie typically don’t stand up take sides with the actors on the screen and begin to brawl. Everyone at the end of the show, regardless of the outcome all have smiles on their faces and they talk about this and that, but they are happy observers. No more.

Be the observer, and be no more. Be passers by, be no more. This show is an old one, and it’s tune is tiresome. War, division, hate, fear, and so one. We are the same, regardless of what you think is right or wrong. We all love someone. We all fear something. We all need each other. They know that, and that is why they pit us against one another.

Peace will only come when we choose to stop taking sides. There is no side that does not damn someone. Look to your neighbors, friends, co-workers, lovers, strangers, and see that we all want the same thing in the end. We want safety, peace, love, and happiness. You cant have any of those when you choose a side. Choose not to choose. Step aside from this insanity, and give peace a chance.


Walking Through the Dark Tunnel of Fear

What is your greatest fear? What do you hide so deep that you seemingly don’t even know it is there? It’s a question worth asking. It could very well be the one thing that is keeping you stuck or mired in darkness.

I suppose you might be asking, “If it sits so deep within me, then how am I to discover this fear, and even if I discover there is such a fear, how does one expose it and release it?”

The answer to first part of that question is answered in understanding what fear does. Fear exist to “protect” you from your Self. Your Self being Love. It is why you must first walk through fear if your are ever to find Love, or your Self. A great example of this is my own examination of my fear of God.

For a long time I thought how preposterous it was that I feared God. It wasn’t until I looked at what I thought I would have to sacrifice in finding my Love or true Self, that I was able to admit to myself that this fear was not only real, but so intense, that it literally froze me in my tracks. I could not move forward in my practice of Self discovery until I faced it.

In facing it, the most amazing thing occurred. I was no longer afraid of it. What was this fear? I thought I would have to sacrifice my relationship with my best friend and lover. I was wrong. One beautiful morning, I looked over at her, and admitted to her this fear I had that God would one day command me to leave her and this whole “life” behind.

The mere utterance of this fear broke me down to tears and sobs, but after, when we had talked about it, the fear wasn’t there anymore. It was gone, and quite frankly I felt ridiculous for even having such a fear. I felt almost embarrassed that such a thing had caused me so much heart ache and prevented me from moving forward. I felt a lightness in me.

I spoke this fear to the one I feared I would lose. I raised this fear to the light by sharing it and thus exposing it. Fear only has power in secret dark places. It becomes nothing when it is shared, because in the sharing, the light of sharing, it shows you it was never real to begin with.

You expose your fears by sharing them. You find what you are afraid of by looking at what you protect, value, and cherish. Most of what we think we love, we actually fear. We fear we will lose. Brothers and Sisters, this is not love, this is savage greed. What cost would we endure to hide this. How strong and savage are fears must be, and how relieved you will be when you exchange that savage greed for real and true Love.


I AM; WE ARE = I AM that I AM!

For the longest time I was puzzled by the saying, “I AM, That I AM”. It is a corrected point of view. Simply put, it means that you see yourself in everything you see, but I am not speaking of the little you. I am speaking of your Spirit. You. The You that is in all of Us. You can tear asunder a hologram into as many pieces as you wish, but the image is always wholly within. Perception can be healing if you allow your Spirit to point to what is within us all. The alternative is to see how each piece is torn and shaped by the tear, but you cannot see both. You must choose what to focus on; will you see the image wholly within, or will you see how each piece is torn and shaped?

Most of us cherish our differences, but would you look for these differences if you knew that by looking for these differences you were blinding yourself to the image held within? This hologram is like those 3-D images that you must relax your vision; allowing your vision to be guided. You have been seeing the other way for so long that you are now blind to the hologram altogether. You see only broken and lonely pieces; the image contained within is lost to you. This is not a letter of condemnation, but one of hope. I am here to tell you that there is a way to see the understanding contained within, once again.

Your Spirit is just waiting for you to allow it to show you that you, me, and everyone in the universe is still whole, and Holy! You first have to realize that you have blinded yourself to that Holy understanding held within, because you have chosen to look at the pieces as separate and unholy. Ask to see it another way; relax your vision; allow it to be corrected; the hologram will be again, and you will know that I AM; WE ARE!


Are we done yet?

Can you feel it yet? I am talking about that deep in the pit of your stomach realization, that something really off just happened before our eyes. This whole “Plandemic” has been orchestrated. It’s not even hidden all that well; the double speak, nearly simultaneous papers showing completely different casualty and infection rates, the draconic measures that followed.

While seemingly unrelated, the FBI now has been given (unconstitutionally) the power to view everyone’s browsing history without a warrant. However, with all this noise about a virus we have been slow to act. Like a good magician, we have been distracted by one hand, while the other is attempting to erode our freedoms. Why?

Are you done yet? This isn’t going to stop until we start looking at what is really going on and hold ourselves accountable. Not them, but us. You. Me. Us. We need to stop looking at this apparatus (Media, Government, Big business) as friendly, they simply are not. They need us distracted and afraid, both states of mind lead to disunity. This is what they foster in us, not Love. Why?

Start asking why. The attack on our food infrastructure should prompt a few questions. They need us alone, afraid, and wholly dependent on them. Why? Does their methods not seem somewhat careless and desperate? Now those who will not play along with their narrative, i.e. those that refuse to wear a mask, they are forced to out themselves. Now that we have a surveillance state, they can see everyone who is really a threat, those who won’t be controlled by fear.

Love and Fear will always be at odds. Fear thinks it can destroy Love, but Love can’t even see fear. Fear melts like a mirage before the Creative Sight of Love. Who created you. Love or fear? Who governs you? Be honest. You can’t make a different decision until you are ready to look at the one you have been making as undesirable. Love or fear. You choose. I like to think I would, but I need to know I would, and maybe that is why I am here now.

Love is certain. Love knows. So I ask you again, Are you done yet? We cannot rise above this nonsense by responding in kind. We must find another way, I know you all have the capability of seeing that this is not working. I plead for you to have a similar moment of clarity. Let that moment stop you in your tracks.

Are we done yet, are you?


Lucca Chooses

Lucca was sweet from the moment we entered his home. He walked up to us and greeted us with a confident, “meow.” He then leaned into our hands like he was using an old familiar scratchpost. Lucca made us feel at home by feeling at home around us. It has by far been the warmest welcome we have yet to recieve on our seventeen month sabatical.

Lucca paws at you just so, insuring that you have to clamour back at him as he returns to all fours making you reach at that last possible moment. Lucca wants love, but also wants you to love him. Lucca furls his eyes when he disagrees with you, and softens them with slow blinks when he approves.

The home Lucca resides in holds a quiet peacefulness that seems to pair well with Luccas demeanor. He will lounge about with his eyes lazily falling about his surroundings only moving when his curiosity turns to the birds that fly about buzzing from one bird feeder to the other. We call it Cat TV, because Luccas eyes light up much like a kid’s eyes will when they are sucked into good cartoon.

It’s only day one, but I feel like this sit is going to be one of peaceful rebirth and rejuvination. I already feel like the space is good for me. The Lucca has chosen me as his lap buddy and the space just kind of feels like cool satin sheets as they touch your skin for the first time. I cant wait to see what the coming days will bring.


A Letter to my Sleeping Brother

If you knew who you were, you could not do what you do. I have just an inkling, and every act, minus the inquiries, seems pointless to me. Am I simply the witness? The observer of the mutiny of self? Have I myself become contrite and introspective of my past decisions? Are you even capable of seeing a different point of view?

The bunch of you, that would play at roles for a table scrap here and there, I pity you. I would feel sorry for you if I thought any of this had any lasting effect. It doesn’t, so take comfort in that at least. I am angry, because to most, if not all, these words are meaningless. I shouldn’t be, it wasn’t so long ago I found myself walking the halls you all find yourselves in.

Maybe I haven’t escaped at all, perhaps I just fancy myself on the loftier ground. That would be even more pathetic, eh? Perhaps I am still in the cave talking to shadows. You may think me tortured, but I would feel this a thousand times over before I would venture back into the tepid waters most of you find yourself in. Small hungry starving voices tearing at each other… Gnashing of teeth indeed.

No, I mustn’t be where you are, perhaps an in-between place then. Not quite free, but not where you are. If you knew how small you have made yourself you would jolt awake from this stupendous nightmare. Remember who you are, and this all goes away. Continue to play this game of faces and…well it’s all there, go look at the records. See for yourself. Let go of the past! It’s over. You are free and forever! Awaken Brother! I beseech you!


My Strange Beliefs

I woke up early in a strangers house. I was one of five souls in the house, but it was still to early for the sleep walkers to be milling about. I had been meditating for some time in my quarters before I moved from the most comfortable air mattress to the living room. An older couple, the most senior among us, were sleeping in an adjoining room, so I was careful and precise with all my movements, so as not to wake them before their day typically began.

It was sometime after five-thirty in the morning when the alarm went off, a familiar set of tones heard on many a cell phone. It was stark and alien to the onslaught of the wind that had almost become white background noise. It sounded as though a couple of zombies were tearing through their graves, summoned to the days task. Immediately following the silencing of the alarm, the sound of pill bottles cracked open, the appropriate amount of pills rattled as they were fingered out and then after what must have been not more than a second, a kick back and swallow, the morning news crackled to life.

The sound of silence was forever lost at that point. Peace didn’t stand a chance against the sounds and sights of network news. The yet to be seen couple took their turns in the master bathroom. Without even seeing it, I could tell they had done this exact routine over and over. Being so close to an unseen routine, I thought how fortunate I was to see into their closely held beliefs. What were those beliefs to the people that held them? Did they even know how closely they held these practices? Were they even aware how much those first actions they took shaped their day? The very first thing they did upon being ripped from their rest was take pills and turn on the news.

What was my daily constitution? Was it any better or worse? I know one thing, it’s not my place to say one way or the other. There was a time when I ate up the news, thinking that if I was informed I could make better decisions, maybe even affect the world in a positive way. Not to long ago, I thought ingesting white tablets was just the way life was sustained. It wasn’t until I became starkly aware that I was insane that I began to question everything’s place in my life. It is a strange house, but these are no strangers. I once believed as they did. I could easily say that I look upon a past version of myself. Hell, I walked in their very shoes, believing unquestionably that the outer world defined my existence and the that spiritual realm was farther out still. It wasn’t until I looked within that realized I had it all backwards and inside-out.

The next obvious question for myself, is what caused me to see the world so differently? I suffered greatly. I turned to the divine, looking outward still. Years ago, at the beginning, it seemed as though reality was tearing away at the seams. I thought I was in a computer program, or a hologram. Truth be told I still do, but it seems more likely that it is a dream, which as far as quality goes, isn’t really all that different. Everything being turned upside-down forced me to questioned the very nature of existence, maybe that was the beginning to my freedom. In the youth of my awakening I saw shadows everywhere I looked. I didn’t trust anything, especially my perceptions. The divine gently guided me out of this fearful state, but it was and is an ongoing process. Once cause and effect were sorted out I became better oriented and less fearful.

This journey is not for the faint of heart, but as an early frontiersmen I can say that the fruits you bare from such an undertaking are well worth the toil. I don’t have any idea how far I am yet to go, or even how far I have come from the beginning, but I know that having tasted the air of freedom, I can not but continue to keep walking forward.

As I walk through this journey I know now that my world originates from within. The Divine realm is within. The world created comes from within and then is projected to my senses. Only vaguely am I unaware of the amnesia that blankets this process. Soon, I imagine that this amnesia will lose its effect all together. You can’t convince the insane they are so, or they wouldn’t be so any longer. All you can do is trust that the process that freed you, will one day free them as well. Until then I will remain with the divine frontiersmen paving the way for others.


I Thought I Knew; I Thought Again

The answer is rushing up to meet me. It must be deep. My determination sees me through. When you realize you don’t really know something critical to furthering any understanding of anything else, you ask. You do it, because you must. The words cross your mind, they seem absurd even there, but it’s not enough, the question must cross your lips and be breathed into being. You ask.

Tears seem to well up from the asking, you’re not sure why, there is heat in those tears, a rumbling warmth behind the eyes. You ask again and again. You know you don’t know the answer, and it’s the first time in a long time such honesty was allowed to surface. In the past you would have answered with, “I know.” You can’t now, because you asked, and you asked because you realized you didn’t know. That unknowing allowed for space.

Silence responds with more silence, but what was so unnerving before is now a comfort. You can’t explain it, but the silence is adequate. The response sweet. The answer is there, and while you know you didn’t really understand it, you knew it was enough. You knew that you would understand eventually, and that, coupled with a dawning realization that everything else rested on that understanding, gave you the courage to wait.

The answer to my question will be the foundation from where I lay my garden. That is why I am willing to wait for the answer. You can’t rush such understanding. I am forty plus and until this very morning I thought I knew the answer. I based every decision I have ever made on that dangerous oversight! Maybe that is why the answer comes slowly, it must navigate the treacherous waters of my assumptions.

The more I recount my life, the more I realize I have no experience that I can fall back on to give me any foundation. I must let all of it go. I must forgive all the sights seen as nothing more than wishful dreaming. A dark wish, that undercuts reality. Is this what waking feels like? It must be driving you crazy to know the question, but I’m not sure telling you is the wisest of all outcomes. What enlightenment could you glean by re-asking what you consider elementary questions? How many of you are on the edge of your seat ready to assist me with my query?

Here, Ponder this…

If God is love and God created Me like itself… So, by that understanding, I realized I didn’t know what Love is. I didn’t know what or who I am. I simply asked, “What is Love, What am I?” I thought I knew.

I’m so very happy that I thought again.


From the Heart

I look out at the world and I grow weary, for my brothers and sisters are so mired in everything around them. It so loud and ugly, and yet I find snippets of hope, love, and joy. I see violence, some of it is even entertaining, in the form video games and the like, but it is not fulfilling.

I look inward and feel stillness, a presence waiting for peace with eternal patience. A Father that loves me so much, that he is unwilling to step in to save me from myself, because my will was born from his. I have even begged my Father to pull me from this nightmare, but some part of me must still desire this suffering, for he has not acted on my plea.

I am a faithful Son, but I am also deeply confused by this smallness I find myself in. Why am I here? To see humanity at it’s worse? I weep when I see what we have become. I know we are so much more, and the foolishness of our dream of independence has only convinced me further that we are lost.

We squabble for control over one another, playing the game of thrones like children in a sandbox. Have I played this silly game before? Was I once the oppressive king that ruled over everyone? Is this my just desserts, the other side of the coin? I forgive those that play that role today, and I hope they in turn forgive me if I have indeed been that monster.

I love you, even if I have never known you. I forgive you, this game is an old one, and I am tired of it. Can we not play another game, one centered on our return to grace? What restoration would occur if we dared!

Who wants to go home? who is tired of hiding in dreams, and forgetting? Who is ready to face Love and return to it. Who is willing to let go of this insane idea we find ourselves in? I am.

Silence is the best answer, because nothing we say now has any meaning. Get really still. Get quiet inside, and pray for grace. pray for deliverance from this nightmare. If you are lost in a pleasant space, than I ask you to look a little further down the road, we are very close to an ancient tragedy, and I do not want to be apart of it. I know deep down it’s ancient history, but I still do not want it.

Like a bad dream, this dreamer sees what is coming and struggles to awaken. I do not need such suffering to awaken, I will do it now. I beseech all of you to pray for the same. Let’s wake up together, in one voice, so we don’t repeat what awaits us. Like I said, this game is an old one that always ends in tragedy, and I am so tired of it, that my soul weeps, but like a prisoner forced to watch, I go even deeper into insanity.

What horror.


A Great Dilemma

Our Nations squabble and war with supposed militant groups like ISIS, willing to throw lives away, and for what? Control of what? Why do we fight in Iraq? Why do we fight in Syria? Why do we fight at all? Are we not the same? Do we not want the same things? To love and live harmoniously with one another?

Even if there are groups out there that just want to cause harm and chaos, are they not the exception? Stop for a moment and look at the flow of goods between countries. Look at what is traded globally. Without some form of collaboration between “Countries” our world would not be as it is today.

Wealth, in the form of currency, is an illusion, for true wealth is based in the resources that are traded for and with that currency. So if we need one another to trade those resources, and we only want to be left to thrive and live our lives, then how can these militant groups be the ones responsible for all these horrid wars?

Where do these groups get their resources? If we as a people can’t even get a computer without global trade flowing, then how do these militant groups thrive when the world hunts them?

Perhaps it is simpler then we realize. How do we change the current paradigm? Is there a shadow war for control of it all happening right underneath our noses? Countries and Kingdoms have been at each others throats for as long as man has been upright. We have not known peace, ever. There have been cease fires and even temporary truces and alliances when it suited the few in power, but greed and lust for that power eventually wins out, and the sleeping ones line up for another round of horror.

What is going to happen when our Mother (the Earth) grows cold and isn’t so forthcoming with those resources? What happens when food becomes hard to grow, and animals become scarce, because of disease and famine? We can’t even live in peace when the milk and honey flow freely.

How do we chop down elitism? The only reason any of this is still happening is that we want to be saved. We want a savior, and we want to play the victim. There are no victims here. We must choose, and choose now, for we are on the eve of such calamity that only unification of heart and mind can save us now.

Those that want us small and separated are our enemy. Do not let yourself be deceived any longer! You think it’s us vs. them? There is no them! We either work together to secure viable food sources, or the next hundred years will be the darkest age our tribe has ever known.

We must secure our hearts and minds from those that would manipulate them. We must take a hard look at how we order ourselves; Legal institutions have been corrupted, people have been bought, or leveraged because of that corruption, and we the people are distracted by boxes of light, that tell us to look everywhere but where we should.

Our technology has lulled us into a false sense of security, a technology that is so fragile against nature; a simple solar flare could toss us back to an era of pre-industrial existence. Our planet is in the midst of a magnetic reversal, and only a few of us seem to be aware that it is even happening. Is it out of our control? Yes, but what we do in response to that coming disaster is not. We still have electricity and motorized construction equipment and so many other things at our disposal.

I do not want to repeat history, but here we are on the verge of the next “biblical” disaster, and everybody has there head up their proverbial assess. It’s a me me world, and we can’t afford such selfishness.

What if I told you our entire solar system was about to enter “high energy space”, a magnetic null zone, where chaos rules. I want you to imagine that our universe is an electro-magnetic one. Imagine everything governed by a polarity, everything kept in balance with that polarity. Now imagine that polarity shifting to a neutral state before entirely switching polarity altogether. Try to see it at grand scales, planetary scales, imagining that each planet a magnet connected to the sun, and then imagine how that plays out. Now imagine that your supposed governments have known about this since the fifties, and have kept it a secret because they believe you incapable of dealing with such a reality! How dare they!

Do we not deserve the opportunity to rise above conflict? If we knew that our very survival as a species was at stake would we not be noble and do just that? Of course we would, which is why they hid it from us, and thus is their true intentions uncovered. Our organizations do not love us, point in fact they fear us, which means they hate us. I can’t live in a pact of hate, and I won’t.

I have always said these institutions don’t represent us, truly. I usually get a bunch of eye rolls and silently they judge me for not partaking in the voting charade, but I refuse to be party to the deception that will ultimately be our undoing, and so should you! It’s not a conspiracy anymore, it can be proven, and as the clock ticks ever closer to that event horizon, it seems all I can do is weep for our eventual slaughter.

Maybe we truly do have a death wish and that is why we are paralyzed with apathy. I have said it many times, and I will say it again, even if it is done so in vain, wake up! You do not want to die! You want to live, and live you shall if you would only pick your head up and look bravely at what approaches. We could hold hands as a single tribe, and in doing so look defiantly into the abyss with love. I am confident love will win, you only need a mustard seed of faith to see it through.


Baptism by Fire

I don’t know if you can relate, but I wasn’t satisfied with what anyone ever told me about God. I grew up in an alphabet soup of denominations of Christianity, but none of them fit for me. It wasn’t personal enough, and I certainly couldn’t get behind the idea that to be “God Fearing” was a good thing.

The whole principle of fearing your creator was absolutely insane to me. I asked why many times, and nobody could give me an answer that satisfied me, so I chose to love God and to never fear him. It wouldn’t really dawn on me what my relationship to God really was until many years later.

My life would take a quite a few twist and turns, as it often does. I don’t mind sharing with you that I became mired in my own ideas of what success was, and God had very little to do with it. As I grew up in this insane world I too adopted it’s insane practice of acquiring wealth, power, prestige, etc. I became a student of fear, war, murder, deception, lies, and basically everything that was the polar opposite to Peace and Love.

I became very ill. Those practices that I had adopted were killing me ever so slowly, no doubt because of who I truly was. Everything that I had come to hold dear was stripped from me, one by one. Every single time I lost something I valued I would turn to what I had left and that in turn was taken as well. My home, family, career, all of it slipped through my fingers like sand. I didn’t know it, but God was preparing me for the discovery of a lifetime.

There was a time that I sat in an abandoned shell of a house in ankle deep refuse, pondering my own death as I stared into oblivion. I was faced with a simple choice, every complexity was removed, it was simple, would I choose life or death? It was a very real choice for me and death wasn’t looking so bad in that moment. You have to understand that I still held onto the idea of a Loving God. I simply couldn’t see how I could be apart of that, but I couldn’t bring myself to take what God had so graciously given. So, I chose Life.

My life changed in that choice. It was the beginning of my recovery from hell. Many believe hell is a place we go for being bad, but I assure you it is here now. It is a state of being, and many of us are in that state, and we are none the wiser that we are there, until we aren’t any longer. I walked away from fear, ever so slightly that day. I reached out for help that day, and Love reached back, pulling me from my tepid and shallow grave that I had dug for myself.

My self worth was so low. Up really was the only way to go. I had truly hit rock bottom. Every illusion of freedom had been stripped, every idea that I could do it alone was gone. I needed help, and I knew it on such a fundamental level. I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous, and that is where I began my new life. I had to learn everything all over again. I was humble enough to do what was asked of me and what was suggested.

One of those suggestions was develop my own concept of God. Something that I took very seriously as a child, and now it something I was doing again. Up until that point, I had been attempting to adopt other peoples concepts of God, trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. My concept changed often in those first years, but eventually I stumbled upon “The Course” and it changed my life forever.

It suggested that I was a Son of God. Now this flew in the face of everything I was taught as a child; the Son of God was Jesus Christ, and if you wanted to go to heaven you had to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Something I had done many times, through baptism, and through many denominations. I never felt…different after these baptisms. It turned out I was to be baptized in fire, not water. I had to go through hell to reach heaven, and looking back, that is exactly what had happened.

As of today I am only a third of the way through my first round of the course, and that round has taken many years, but I am still trudging the happy road to self discovery. That discovery has already led to great treasures. I am a Son of God; I don’t really comprehend what that truly entails, but it definitely means God Loves me and I Love Him. There is no room for fear there, only Love. A great indicator that I am on the right path.

My Inferno was my false beliefs that I was not worthy of Love. My Salvation began with a helping hand from family, from a mothers love, and that’s ironic, because it was my discovery that God was my family that freed me from this hell. I am a child of the Divine. I am so grateful that God saw fit to reach back into my dream to remind me what awaits me when I allow myself to be awakened.

I am lost in form, but I am not so lost that I have forgotten my origins, Amen. Or, if you like, I was lost and now I am found. Are you ready to be found?


The Other Cat

Have you ever had that feeling that a stranger is or has been in your house? Things just seem out of place or the air has a foreign quality to it. It was around three or four am when Rainie began walking on my slumbering form, a tactic she used to communicate her desire for the morning feeding. Rainie usually didn’t bother me until around Five AM, but I had been staring at the clock on and off for an hour anyway, and was more awake than asleep, so I got up and a started in on breakfast.

The routine usually consist of a third cup kibble, and the same amount of wet food in a separate dish, followed by a generous amount of treats.I was still groggy and half asleep when a the distinct sound of an animal coming through the cat door happened behind me. I turned around in time to see a gray blur sprint into the home. Our clients told us the neighbors had a cat named Chewy that was burgling Rainie’s food, but the audacity to do it when I was right there was almost unbelievable.

Melissa was sound asleep with the bedroom door cracked, and it was her birthday. I wanted to let her sleep, but Rainie was letting me know that the fat silver-gray aka Chewy, was not supposed to be in here. So here I am half done with preparing Rainie’s morning feast, Rainie is at the bottom of the stairs occasionally spitting out a low growl directed up the stairs where the burglar lay at the top step, not sure how to get himself out of the pickle he currently finds himself in.

I walk up the stairs shaking my finger, “You’re not suppose to be in here, Chewy.” I tried to say it with force without giving it to much volume, which only made it sound like I was hissing with Rainie.

Chewy, was plump, bordering on obese, and was wide eyed with terror. The heat from this caper was getting to high and with another burst of speed the grey tom zipped down the stairs with a growling Rainie in tow, insuring the cat burglar kept pace during his exodus.

Since then Rainie has been more vocal and interactive. I guess she feels like I chose her over the other Chewy. Rainie isn’t known for her affections, but that morning she made a point to snuggle up with Melissa and I. It was a great way to begin my wife’s birthday, a tale of two cats, a caper, and a high speed pursuit involving two felines and an unsuspecting sitter.

I wonder how your day started? For me, It was an adventure;Rainie and I thwarted a high stakes caper of kibble, and the promise of what is to come is still pouring forth. Have a blessed day and revel in how your day unfolds. In being grateful for the little things like this there is no end to what the day may bring.


Looking for Home

A time-capsule of fierce happiness

What does that mean to you, looking for home? I think I have been looking myself. There is a quality you look for in the environment, an intangible sense of gain; everyone extending the bounty of richness to their neighbor. I personally believe that is how true wealth is created, by sharing it and therefore increasing that wealth as a community.

I have learned that the only way you get anything in this world is by a complete willingness to give it away. The people here, for the most part, have this intangible wealth and I want to be apart of that. This community has a real opportunity to become our home.

Woodworking expressed

The house we are sitting for is unique, the floor plan custom, and even the airflow from the central heating and cooling flows differently then other places we have stayed at. Craig and Jane were very welcoming; Jane took us on a grand tour of the the surrounding area; Craig showed me his craftsman side with his talent for making wooden bowls, sculptures and even a high fluted goblet meant more for sipping something potent or rich than regular fare.

The craftsman’s trophies

It’s only day one, but Rainie, our charge, is regale in demeanor, and has been willing to share space with us and the next morning she visited us in bed for first contact petting. Rainie has her own chair, that Jane and Craig have also allowed to become a makeshift scratch-post. Say what you will, it works, none of the other furniture is ever bothered with. That’s surprising to me because there is an abundance of wooden furniture throughout the house. Rainie also distinguishes herself by having thumbs that are in fact functional.


Even on my first day, even with the introductions, which can be clumsy at times, I felt at peace in Jane and Craig’s home. Bookshelf’s are found throughout the house, with a wide variety of topics. Pictures too; Jane has this collage of Craig and Jane’s lift tickets from all the years they skied, and by the looks of it, they have been doing this most of their life. Craig felt Jolly in these various screen shots of his life, and Jane had this fierceness in her eyes.

During our tour of the local neighborhood, I noticed the people here seem to have good shoes, and equipment, and it’s more rare to see an obese person than not to. All in all Bend Oregon seems a good fit for balanced purposeful living.

What gifts they extended to us! When you receive little gold nuggets like that, how can you not be tempted to settle down and add to the community? We don’t have to live in a constant state of competition, We can choose to live by extension sharing everything, including our intangibles, with everyone else.

I will be walking through some fear and doubt; questions of how to practically generate income while also fulfilling this need for freedom. I want to make a living writing because I love doing it. I have some serious doubts that haunt me, but that’s not going to stop me. Jane has given me some pointers on where to start and I am going to give it a real go to become part of this community. I remain hopeful that faith and Love will overcome any obstacle, including fear and doubt. I just met these people, and what a gift they have given us. I know what happiness and fierceness is and I learned it from a couple we met in Bend Oregon. I was looking for home, and think I just found it.

If you have never traveled house to house, place to place, you might not even know what home really feels like. Without contrast of experience I’m not sure you could honorably describe home. We have been to many locales and all of them had elements Melissa and I are looking for, but this is the first place that feels like an old pair of worn in jeans. It just fits. We tried leaving before, moving to other pet sits, but here we are, again, and we didn’t force it either, fate or God has been guiding us, and it has felt as much because of that effortlessness.


I Wonder…

The end or the beginning

I wonder if planets and stars have consciousness. Are they aware, like I am aware, just…bigger, perhaps even more, if “more” can even be put into terms regarding consciousness. Everyone of you better hope that the answer to that question is yes.

I don’t no how to have a conversation with my daughter, she is only twelve. I look at her, and I have to find a way to look her in the eye, and tell her that life is going to be vastly different then mine or anybody before me. Everyone is saber rattling about climate change, but they aren’t really interested in the cause, or what we should all be doing about it. If they were they would know that all of us, I mean everyone of us should be preparing; digging deep into the ground, building underground shelters, learning how to grow food indoors and underground.

How do I tell her that food is going to get scarce, that electricity is soon going to be just a memory, and that sometime after that earthquakes, floods of biblical proportion, and fires equal caliber. That upwards of ninety percent of the worlds population is going to perish. To give my daughter the best chance to survive I better find a way to tell her that she needs to prepare now if she wants to be part of the living ten percent.

If we could be an honest society I would suggest that our great philosophers need to be pondering how we as a people move forward from this, how we keep going after society falls. Our craftsman should be embracing how we lived before electricity became common place. Our scientist and engineers need to figure out how to support the thousands of survivors that will be scattered around the globe. The more we save the greater the chance that our species isn’t wiped out, that we don’t disappear like Atlantis and the countless other civilizations before that one.

I wonder if you are going to have the same conversation with whomever you feel you can reach. I look around at my family and friends, and have serious doubts I can convince them that we need to do a fierce 180 degree shift, practically changing everything we do on a daily basis. I want to thrive, and we can do so if we all see whats coming and have an honest conversation how we are going to confront such an adversary.

The climate is going to get cold, and before you argue with me go watch this movie and then go watch this movie. I have been watching Ben and the Suspicious Observers for a long time. I have followed Ben as he has searched the scientific community hoping they would not only come to the same conclusions, based on the evidence, and then find away to break through the hard dogmatic shell of academia, slow to change like the rusty old priesthood they were so eager to replace so long ago.

My family believes that God won’t flood the earth again, and I think that I am feeling a bit like Noah of old, seeing the coming disaster and not knowing how to convince everyone to awaken to the coming devastation and prepare. There are so many initiatives that we as a planet could undertake. By some calculations we have only 20 – 26 years until the great cataclysm occurs. There are 36 underground city’s in Cappadocia. There is evidence of a mass redistribution of land from the last great flood, large stones being redeposited thousands of feet higher and in a mountain. Great ice ages occur cyclically, perhaps the disaster is the catalyst for such a drastic change.

Remember that there were mammoths found encased in mud flash frozen; the food in their stomachs were in such a state, that the only way that could have occurred is that they flash froze in minutes, if not seconds. Which lends evidence to a sudden event like a micro nova. If you’re on the day side of the planet when this event occurs the likelihood of your survival goes down considerably. Underground preparation is essential to the survival of this kind of disaster.

Under the circumstances, I believe that an honest look at how much radiation we are exposing ourselves to during our time at higher altitudes needs to occur and needs to be comprehensive. The limited study that was done, and it was limited in scope of just certain levels of radiation, for example X-ray radiation was not part of the scope of the study. I do know that the study did find that every time you fly you get the equivalent to a dental X-rays worth of radiation each and every time. What do you think they will find when they actually include the total dosage, not just what they looked for?

I wonder if you believe as I do, that we can work together and we can overcome what crushed Atlantis, and the many other ages that were ground into dust. We can ensure that our children have a fighting chance to be the ones that flourish despite the hardships. Let us make a different decision; all of these petty politics the world currently busies itself with will be our undoing if we don’t pull our collective heads out of our asses and start working together to survive.

I wonder if maybe this article is the beginning of a true awakening, one that will change everything. Think of the greatness we could achieve if we knew such an event was on our doorstep.

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Either the end or the beginning, and you get to decide.


Pippa and her Shadow

Pippa is a 4 year old greyhound canine, but if that was all I said about her I would be allowing a tragedy of untold proportions. I was once told they were nervous creatures with an abundance of energy, bordering on the reckless. I never actually met a greyhound until my time in Portland while pet sitting.

Pippa is inquisitive, so much so that she notices her own shadow, and attempts to smell it. Does this not make her a philosopher? Where is wonder born? I see wonder in her, and the fact that she is a dog doesn’t seem to matter. Her soul feels just like mine, and I am really starting to wonder if there is a difference.

Yah, she is a dog, I see the being and call it dog, but is that a fair assessment? I see more. I’m not a fool, I know I could be projecting human traits on this animal, but I contemplated that possibility and have come to the conclusion that I’m not doing that. I see more. I see and feel love not just for her, but from her. As if just being closer to her has made love stronger, for loves sake.

That sounds like some 60’s hip shit, but that’s what it felt like. She has goofy little nuances; such as when we went into town Pippa took two pairs of shoes and proceeded to place them in all the places she frequented; Melissa’s side of the bed, the back-door and Pippa’s bed. We don’t even know where she found the other pair of shoes, but it feels like a coping mechanism, similar to a child and a blanket.

Pippa is calm, when on a leash, but off the leash she runs like the wind, usually running circles around her other four-legged friends. She does in fact have a few in the neighborhood that frequent the same park where she has the opportunity to run free. She seems to miss them when we go too many days without seeing them. Not to mention how her shoulders slump when Pippa realizes that we are nearing the end of our walk.

Pippa is most definitely one of kind, just like we are one of kind. I am glad to have met her and I am better for meeting her. I don’t really know how feels about me, but she adores Melissa. If you question my findings, maybe you should give pet sitting a go. Experience is our true teacher, and mine has been very enlightening.


Nora and Hippy in Half-Moon Bay

This was like meeting a piece of yourself, gentle and long forgotten. This world is about Forgiveness, whether that be Attachment or something else. That can be heavy at times, but this was sweet and light. We bonded rather easily in the one evening that we shared with Nora.

On a fundamental level, the three of us were on the same mission, united in the goal to rediscovering ourselves. We had come to the same conclusion, in that we valued Peace. Nora prepared an elegant but simple cuisine; chicken, green beans and brown rice. All of it was covered with a Mediterranean style of seasoning.

We were a mere three-quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean, convenient harbor access right down the street, a seafood restaurant and hotels with beach access in the immediate five minute drive. A big bonus given I prefer less populated locales. In the San Francisco area, the Half-Moon Bay community felt like a small town despite the close proximity.

The Beach at Half-Moon Bay

Nora, Melissa and I hit it off almost from the beginning, finding deep connection and a warm desire to help one another along our journeys. Hippy on the other hand wasn’t such an easy sell. He was impressed that I called him by name on our first meeting. To be perfectly honest, so was I. Hippy hid under the bed for the majority of the next day, but the evening after Dinner Nora and I watched the Newshour on PBS. It was the first time Hippy and I had physical contact, where butt-scratches where well-received.

Butt scratches…

The Next day Hippy was blockaded and made to share space with his new humans. The good feline was used to being able to wander outdoors, but a plan was devised to keep him in for the first twenty-four hours, that he may bond with us. Hippy was a long-haired fluffy-kitty, with fur that marbled in reddish brown, black, and white. He also apparently was the champion of holding it when faced with the possibility of having to use the litter box.

Hippy sunning on the deck railing.

The next morning Hippy was given his customary five am breakfast, where he nibbled a little kibble before demanding release. It wasn’t quite dawn yet so he demanded for twenty more minutes. I relented just then because I felt bad for the little guy; I was pretty sure he hadn’t gone pee yet so I opened the beach facing sliding-glass door and he was off, leaping in super-kitty fashion to his much needed relief.

Hippy enjoying our bed

Little did we know, Hippy was much more dissatisfied than we realized. He was supposed to be in by dark. We didn’t see him until four AM the next morning. Nora was trying to help, coaching us through it with what has worked before to get Hippy to come in. There was whispered concern that the night brought with it predators, and it wasn’t necessarily safe. We took shifts, waking up every few hours; it was like having a new born, nursing that connection we knew Hippy needed to feel safe. We would go to he back door and call his name with soft even tones, like a siren beckoning Hippy home through the early morning fog.

At around four A.M. Hippy appeared wet, hoarse, and obviously exhausted from what must have been an interesting evening . After that he loved us. I felt like we were tested, and given the kitty paw of approval. The next morning we let him out and he was back by two P.M.

Nora was happy to hear that Hippy had finally bonded with us. She could focus on her business without worrying about her furry companion. Melissa and Myself took the opportunity to walk the local beach and pier, fantasizing about living on boat doing what we do for shoreline and island communities up down the pacific.

The Joy…

Pet-sitting has been a spiritually enriching experience that is allowing me to meet so many me pieces of myself. We may be dressed in bodies, and given these identities, but everyone one of them has a place of peace deep within them. I seek that in everyone I meet, I’m still learning how to best do that, but I’m doing it. Since Nora was striving for the same goal it was effortless to connect with her. Love cannot deny Love.

Nora has informed us that she came home to a content and loved Hippy. It was good to hear that our fur-friend had also found some peace. I was able to rest here. You cannot say that about all of my life. They say our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. I work hard to ensure that my inner world is at peace, Nora and Hippy, being a reflection of that world, have shown me that it is a worthwhile pursuit. I hope that I have done the same.